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MyFordBenefits – Ford, one of the leading automobile manufacturer and a household name in countries worldwide, now has a website to help its employees in a better, more efficient way. Ford has always believed in creating a fun, healthy work environment that benefits its employees. Hence, it’s websites like a platform to help the employees in numerous ways. This article will assist new employees at the Ford Motors to login to their account on the website and guide them on various aspects of the website.

About Ford Motors


Henry Ford established Ford in the year 1903 with nothing but a few parts, motivation and a small garage. Now, after more than a century, Ford, which has its headquarters at Michigan, is a global brand, recognized amongst the leading automobile manufacturers. Not to our surprise, Ford has an employee strength of more than 200,00 across all borders. With such high strength of employees, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that their contribution towards the company is of utmost importance. Ford, recognizes this and for its employees well being and prosperity it has started myforbenefits.

About MyFordBenefits?

As discussed above, the website is developed by Ford to help and benefit thousands of its employees across the globe. On joining, employees receive various details along with information on how to login onto myfordbenefits website. Employees can log in to the website and enjoy various benefits and rewards presented by Ford Motors from time to time.

Saving you the trouble, here are some very crucial information presented to you which you’ll find on the website.

Ford Career information: After you have successfully completed your login procedure, you can choose to view your career history at Ford. The website stores information about its employees past and present career development at Ford.

Insurance policy by Ford for Employees: Ford provides life insurance policies to employees working with the company. Every detail about the insurance policy is present on the website so that employees can have easy access to it.

Salary and Incentive Details: There are various perks offered by Ford motors to its employees along with the base salary. Details about the same can be found on the website. It includes an extended break up of employees existing salary and various incentive plans that are offered from time to time.

Vacation or Training Details: wondering how many leaves you have got in your bag? Well, don’t worry because the website keeps a tab of all your vacation days and pending leaves. Employees can just skim through and prepare their vacations accordingly. The same goes for any training programs that they are involved in.

Ford Vehicle Discounts: one of the greatest perks of working with Ford Motors is existing discounts and offers on Ford vehicles. Employees are able to enjoy various offers on vehicles, depending upon their position at the company. All they need to do is visit the website and check out their discount plan. So, the next time an employee wants to buy a Ford vehicle, he can avail the discounts.

MyFordBenefits Sign up Process


Every employee who begins his career with Ford Motors needs to first sign up with the MyFordBenefits website and the ones who want to take a survey can visit feedback4oldnavy. The signup process is pretty simple, and to prevent you from going through any more trouble we have jotted down the steps for you. Basic computing knowledge and internet access are required for any employees to sign up or use the website.

  • Use your browser to visit the official website of Ford Motors for employees.
  • On the homepage you will be able to see various options including a blank, asking for User ID and PIN.
  • Wondering what your User ID and PIN are? Well, for individuals who are signing up for the first time, the User ID is your social security number and your PIN is your date of birth with the month first then date and year.
  • Enter these details and you will be able to successfully sign up on your website.

It is always recommended that you change your password and the user ID. This is a security measure as the first time user ID and password for every employee is very common and anyone who has access to your social security number and date of birth can hack into your Ford Motors account.

MyFordBenefits Login

If you are an existing employee who wants to learn the login process, here is how you can do it. As mentioned earlier, basic computer knowledge and internet access are mandatory to log into your profile.

  • Use the browser to visit the official website of Ford Motors for employees.
  • Enter the user ID and PIN when asked for on the home page.
  • Once you have successfully provided all the details click on login to get into your profile.  

You have now successfully logged into your profile on MyFordBenefits.

MyFordBenefits User ID Reset Process

A lot of individuals who very rarely visit the website tend to forget their user ID thus, a simple way to recover them same is this:

  • Visit the official website of user ID recovery or rest.
  • You should remember the email ID that is linked with your Ford motors website. (If you can’t remember, it is generally where you receive all the emails from Ford Motors).
  • Prove you’re not a robot by checking the box.
  • Click continue and if there are any other instructions follow that. Once everything is set and done, you should receive your reset user ID on the mail ID provided by you.

MyFordBenefits PIN reset

There are other situations where employees tend to forget their password or PIN. Not to worry, cause there are measures to recover the same too. Here is how you can recover your PIN:

  • Visit the official website for PIN reset.
  • You’ll be asked to enter the user ID. Enter the same and check the ‘I’m not a robot” option.
  • “Continue” and follow other instructions provided, if any. Finally, you should be able to reset your PIN.


This article was targeted towards every Ford employee who is facing login issues with the website. First-time users can refer to the article to understand how they can log in to their Ford Motors account. Existing employees, on the other hand, can use the article to understand how they can recover their email ID or password.